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La survie en mode Aventure peut être difficile.
La meilleure façon de survivre est de sélectionner le type de monde ultra-plat à la place d'un monde normal puis de tuer des créatures, commercer avec les villageois et collecter les ressources des villages.

Mise en place d'un monde Aventure

Because Adventure Mode isn't available in the menu where you choose a gamemode, you will need to set up a (Superflat) Survival or Creative World.
Be sure to have cheats enabled!
Now type /gamemode username 2.


  • First of all, be sure to kill any mobs on your way (leave at least two passive mobs of each type for breeding later (see the sub-point below on creepers); sheep are kind of useless; you can't place anything at all in adventure, so don't even bother to craft a bed, though wool can be traded to villagers).
    • Do not eat raw meat unless you're desperate; wait until you cook it in a furnace is an NPC village forge. You can also trade it for emeralds if you wish; however, this won't really achieve much in the long run, unless you save up for a diamond sword or armor. Villagers are known for being cheap; see the "trading" article for more information (leather for armor or for trading is also up to you to decide).
  • Search for an NPC village (if the village does not have a forge or a library (a building with a crafting table and lots of bookshelves), search for another village). If it does, then lucky you (although NPC villages in superflat generally generate larger and with more houses, etc.); use the crafting table in the library for crafting and the two furnaces in the forge for cooking wood into charcoal (for raw meat).
    • Empty the chest in the blacksmith (take the food, armor, and raw materials; saplings can be used as fuel). Use the lava as a trash can for useless stuff (such as dirt or obsidian) you find in the chest or obtained from creeper explosions (see below). You can use it for your own storage purposes.
    • If the village is big enough, there are enough villagers, and you have enough armor and preparation, you can kill the iron golem for its iron ingots (roses are useless).
  • One extremely useful tactic is to get creepers to blow up a house or farm in an NPC village; this way, you can get wood, wooden planks, wheat (which can be used to breed animals or crafted into bread, though seeds cannot be replanted; trampling is a more efficient way as you will not lose any of the wheat in the explosion), and cobblestone (dirt and other materials are useless, since you cannot place or destroy blocks in adventure; only blocks that are used in crafting or for trading can be useful).
    • If you are lucky and have enough supplies, you can get creepers to blow up gravel and craft flint and steel, which can serve as a great weapon (or arrows, although this is probably unnecessary because they can be obtained by killing skeletons. Note: bone meal may be used on pre-mature wheat, since that counts as "interacting with a block or object," though the wheat cannot be harvested, except through creeper explosions, as well as simply trampling it).
  • A Fishing Pole can also be useful (the well is exactly 4 blocks deep and can be used for an infinite supply of fish, which can be cooked or traded). You can also use it as an inefficient way to lure passive mobs that have wandered off (use wheat instead; trample the farms or get creepers to blow them up).
  • Once you are done with a village, take as many useful items as you can from your chest and head off for the next village. Repeat above steps if necessary and see how long you can survive!

Éléments disponibles

You can hold a maximum of 40 items (27 in your storage inventory, 9 hotkey slots and 4 armor slots) Fichier:2011-07-18 12.55.56.png

  1. Items that are completely useless are not bold (all tools are useless since you cannot break blocks, although they do provide slightly more damage to mobs than fists).
  2. Crafting to get items is not listed here.
  3. Trading is not yet available (not until 1.3)
  4. The items listed here that can be obtained from Zombie Pigmen are obtained not when killing them in the Nether (which you cannot go to), but when, extremely rarely, lightning strikes a pig.