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Date de sortie

28 novembre 2019

Pre-release pour



La 1.15-pre3 est la troisième pre-release de la version 1.15.[1]

Modifications[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Général[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Ajustement des performances de chargement des tronçons et de rendu.
Textes d'accueil
  • « In case it isn't obvious, foxes aren't players. »
  • « Buzzy Bees! »
  • « Minecraft Java Edition presents: Disgusting Bugs »

Blocs[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • La couleur du texte sur les pancartes est de nouveau la même que dans les versions précédentes.

Corrections[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Le reste de cette page est à traduire en Français.
35 bugs corrigés
Provenant des versions antérieures à la 1.15
  • MC-27287 – Baby wolves spawn hurt
  • MC-63720 – Banners do not move in wind when over certain Time value of the level.dat
  • MC-155616 – Shulkers in boats disappear after entering end gateways
  • MC-164342 – Barrels do not generate LootTable when broken
Provenant des versions de développement de la 1.15
  • MC-161144 – Baby ocelots do not spawn naturally
  • MC-162518 – Blocks in the inventory are no longer shaded properly
  • MC-162590 – Enchantment glint blur renders rough
  • MC-163270 – Sign in sign editing GUI is too dark
  • MC-163397 – Arrow projectile lighting is incorrect
  • MC-163946 – Tridents with one durability remaining can be thrown
  • MC-164792 – Underlined text in chat is not underlined
  • MC-165203 – Semi-transparent pixels on skin's outer layer renders wrongly in inventory model
  • MC-165212 – Snow can be placed on top of fully grown wheat
  • MC-165550 – Lighting of slimes and magma cubes becomes dark when they land to the ground
  • MC-165707 – Tamed wolves do not have 20 health points
  • MC-165957 – Block hitboxes are rendered transparent again
  • MC-165971 – TNT in a minecart with TNT is offset
  • MC-165975 – Water does not properly connect to itself
  • MC-166025 – Hotbar is almost completely opaque
  • MC-166063 – Projectile entities are flipped backwards
  • MC-166110 – Honeycomb item has random transparent pixels
  • MC-166171 – Shields are not rendered correctly
  • MC-166198 – A dispenser dispenses two wither skeleton skulls instead of one if a mob or a player is right next to it
  • MC-166312 – Loom UI pattern icons are too dark
  • MC-166333 – Horse jumping is odd with elytra
Provenant de la version de développement précédente
  • MC-166374 – Enchantment glint does not show on items outside of the player's inventory or in third-person mode
  • MC-166376 – Ender chests are invisible
  • MC-166386 – The player is pushed away when he is at the edge of a block of farmland, grass path or soul sand
  • MC-166389 – Silverfish suffocate inside of soul sand
  • MC-166411 – "Edit Server Info" window closes itself when clicking on text fields
  • MC-166419 – Trident can be shot through the closed shulker, wither, ender dragon and invulnerable mobs
  • MC-166508 – Glitchy chunk rendering is back
  • MC-166535 – Armor Stands rotation and position visual bug
  • MC-166585 – Banners do not have a breaking animation again
  • MC-166684 – Trying to hold Tab ↹ key while at the multiplayer section makes the game crash

Références[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

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