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Fonctionnalités à venir/Portable

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Historique des versions & fonctionnalités à venir
Cet article concerne des fonctionnalités à venir.
Bien qu'elles aient été confirmées, elles ne sont pas encore incluses dans le jeu, et feront l'objet d'une mise à jour prochaine.

Cette page réunit toutes les fonctionnalités à venir qui ont été confirmées par les employés de Mojang.

1.0[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Fonctionnalités à venir
0 17 Update Mojang Blog 1024x576.png
Nom officiel

Ender Update

Date de sortie prévue

Décembre 2016

Autres versions 1.0

La 1.0 (aussi nommée la Mise à jour de l'Ender ou Ender Update), est une mise à jour majeure de Minecraft version portable dont la date de sortie est prévue fin 2016.[1][2]

La version Apple TV (Apple TV Edition) devrait sortir en même temps.

Ajouts[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Général[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Bibliothèques de graine (seed)
  • Ajout d'un support pour les modèles de monde.
  • Ajout de musiques de jeu téléchargeable.
  • Ajout des "Mashup packs".
  • Ajout du support .MCTEMPLATE pour les créateurs de modèles.
  • Particules
    • endRod
    • dragonbreath

Créatures[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Génération du monde[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Objets[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Œufs de créatures

Blocs[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Commandes[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • /connect
  • /locate
    • Apparaît dans la liste de commandes mais essayer de l'utiliser fait apparaître le message d'erreur « Cette commande n'est pas reconnue ».

Gameplay[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Effets de potions

Modifications[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Général[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Nouvelle option "Text To Speech for Chat" pour activer une synthèse vocale pour le tchat dans les paramètres de musique.
  • Ajout d'un interface utilisateur profile "Pocket" et "Classic" (comme dans la version Windows 10) dans les options vidéos avancés.
  • Plusieurs modifications aux Addons, incluant des améliorations pour le chargement.
  • L'opacité des fenêtres pop-up a été réajustée pour plus de lisibilité.
  • Le champ de recherche du menu Créatif est automatiquement sélectionné lorsque vous changez d'onglet et entrez n'importe quel caractère.
  • Le message « Votre lit a été détruit ou obstrué » (Your home bed was missing or obstructed) apparaît désormais lorsque vous mourrez et que votre lit a été détruit.

Objets[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Monde[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Augmentation de la limite de la hauteur de construction à 256 blocs.
  • Les forts se génèrent désormais aléatoirement dans les nouveaux chunks.
  • Modification du format de fichier level pour stocker chaque « sous-tronçon » (Sub-chunk) séparément dans une clé leveldb différente.[3]
  • Villages
    • Version exclusive :  Un coffre peut se générer à l'arrière des grandes maisons et contient du matériel d'agriculture.

Créatures[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Corrections[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Le reste de cette page est à traduire en Français.
  • "Sound" and "Music Effect" volume issues fixed.
  • Buckets can no longer be used to spawn blocks.
  • Fixed issues with text lagging when updating (and not updating scroll bar visibility, too.)
  • Fixed various text sizing and spacing issues.
  • Lava and water should again go where you point to place them.
  • Worlds again displayed in the Play tab for Windows 10 players with utf-8 symbols in their names.
  • Fixed a crash when players with utf-8 symbols in their names tried to delete a world.
  • FOV slider now shows the correct value.
  • Stone blocks should now show up in all recipes when using the crafting screen.
  • Fixed a game crash on startup if you had two monitors connected with different DPIs (Windows 10 only).
  • The Android keyboard will no longer switch to the numeric keypad if you lock and unlock the screen (Android only).
  • No more crashing when eating mushroom stew.
  • Realm names no longer overlap the number of players actively in the realm.
  • Fixed a crash when your internet connection dies while using "Replace World" on Realms.
  • Guardians, wither skeletons & blazes respawn naturally again when switching from peaceful game mode to easy/normal/hard; however, they will only do this in newly generated structures, not ones that have already been discovered.
  • Fixed the Store getting stuck on "Getting products…" screen.
  • Fall momentum now saved even if you close and reopen a world.
  • Skeleton horse traps should now work correctly (multiple bug fixes).
  • You now have to actually brew a potion to get the achievement.
  • "Local Brewery", "Monster Hunter" and "Archer" achievements fixed.
  • Cycling through commands to get to the @ character now properly displays all available values.
  • Minecarts with chests/hoppers/TNT no longer get stuck halfway in a block if they run into it.
  • Mobs can drown again.
  • Fixed a crash on mobile devices if game was launched without Wi-Fi enabled (Minecraft: Pocket Edition only).
  • Fixed arrow hit sound effect.
  • Text-To-Speech narrated messages are no longer interrupted by sending a new message.
  • Sprinting fixed so it doesn't stop unless hunger is low.
  • Fixed a crash with the /drop command.
  • Paintings can no longer run into each other at right angles.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting a world for Replace World for realms (iOS only).
  • Fixed a bug that caused slow mining after a player reconnected to a multiplayer game while riding a horse.
  • Fixed a bug where you could use commands to have buckets place other blocks.
  • Cats no longer change their textures back to ocelots when worlds created before 0.16.0 are loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where the villager reproduction rate was capped by something other than door count.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would hang on a black screen during launch (FireTV only).
  • Fixed a bug where endermen would get angry even if you only looked at their torso.
  • Fixed biomes looking strange when loading previously generated worlds.
  • Removed "Import Failed" message when you import an Add-on that has already been imported - you now get a correct message!
  • The "Manifest Validation" window now activates during a failed import of an Add-on with an exceptionally long pack name or description.
  • Add-on packs with syntax errors in the manifests that worked in 0.16.0 will now also work in 0.17.0 (though you might want to clean them up!)
  • Baby ocelots who grow up to be adult ocelots can now be tamed.
  • Throwing a splash water bottle on an Enderman no longer crashes the game.
  • If you join your friend's game while they are in a vehicle or riding an animal, your friend no longer clips through the vehicle/mount.
  • All current textures will now update when switching resource packs.
  • Snowballs now dispense properly.
  • Fixed a bug with saddles/chests on donkeys and mules.
  • Fixed buckets so they behave as they should in Creative.
  • Iron golems now have full knockback resistance.
  • Mob heads can be placed again.
  • Applied Add-on packs now appear correctly in the UI while in game.
  • Mushrooms obtained from shearing mooshrooms no longer have a blank icon in your inventory.
  • Rabbits again properly eat carrot crops.
  • Skeletons and strays will now follow you during the day if it is raining or they are wearing a helmet.
  • Fixed a crash potentially due to some player models (iOS only).
  • Fixed random colors on grass when a player overrides grass colors.
  • Fixed carried waterlillies (lilypads) in resource packs - the pack files were named incorrectly.
  • Eggs now cause knockback and make the mob/player flash when hit.
  • Now only one "You have been given…" message displays per use when using the /give command to give multiple items.
  • Fixed a bug that should improve response when players interact with some blocks.
  • Pushed blocks no longer flicker once after being moved.
  • Fixed bugs dealing with mob spawn rates (i.e. ghast spawn rate; increased frequency of mob spawning in some cases; detecting whether a mob spawned from a spawner or not).
  • Recipes that have items that have a damage value will no longer have the wrong craft number in the Pocket Edition crafting UI.
  • Beacon is now correctly highlighted in the Pocket Edition crafting screen when you don't have all the ingredients to make one.
  • Fixed a crash when an item went into a hopper.
  • The stray's clothing now renders correctly.
  • The store downloading layout now displays correctly (Minecraft: Pocket Edition only).
  • "Skin Picker" custom button now sizes itself based on the length of text.
  • *Realms will no longer show up in the list of worlds you can upload to your Realm.
  • Settings are now correctly displayed on expired Realms.
  • Paintings can have transparency now.
  • XP orbs and loot now comes out of mobs with the smoke particles.
  • You no longer gain the Respiration effect from just holding an enchanted helmet - you need to wear it!
  • Melted ice blocks now create flowing water.
  • All note blocks now start with the lowest note.
  • The sound of a playing note block now doesn't fade out too early when you walk away from it.
  • Fixed ghast and lightning/thunder sounds.
  • Creepers no longer use their hurt sound as an idle sound (as creepers are quiet!)
  • The Snow golem now has a special sound when it receives damage or dies.
  • Zombie villagers, silverfish, squid, and husks now all make the sounds they are supposed to make.
  • Leash offset for chickens corrected.
  • Fixed another game crash when you respawned.
  • Cured zombie villagers now make the appropriate sounds when cured.
  • TNT ignition animation now looks like it does in other versions.
  • Fixes to unusual minecart movement and minecarts floating above tracks.
  • Elder guardian egg now renamed properly so resource packs can find it.
  • Fixed issue where texture packs were not applying to mob heads.
  • Fixed a crash after undoing an emoji in chat (Minecraft: Pocket Edition - iOS only).
  • Fixed a timing issue with falling blocks.
  • Burning players are now extinguished when jumping in a cauldron with water in it.
  • Witches spawn from witch huts now.
  • Hoes till dirt again
  • Fixed a crash when opening a .mcworld file (Minecraft: Pocket Edition - iOS only).
  • Fixed various Unicode bugs.
  • You can now use the left bumper on the controller on the inventory screen to wrap to the right side (Minecraft: Pocket Edition only).
  • Wrapping now allowed when cycling through tabs.
  • Some characters in the chat text box are no longer moved off screen when the send button appears.
  • # can be used in text boxes again.
  • "Advanced Video Settings" toggle now saves its state.
  • Chat can be closed again with the back button.
  • Scroll bars should no longer have their max overshot value become negative.
  • Fixed a crash relating to store screenshots.
  • Fixed a crash on launch if there was no speech pack installed (Windows 10 only).
  • Chat messages again read in the correct order in narrator mode.
  • There's now a notification when keyboard shortcuts are used to toggle the Text-To-Speech accessibility option (Windows 10 only).
  • Fixed some mob models not being able to be changed using mobs.json.
  • You now see the hand movement and TNT's textures blink when joined to a game and the TNT is ignited.
  • Command output from the /gamerule command is now displayed for other players.
  • Blaze projectiles are now visible (Realms only).
  • You are no longer repositioned at spawn when above Y 128 and the game is reloaded.
  • Minecraft launcher no longer crashes when the hard drive is full (Windows 10 - Oculus Rift only).
  • If you're on your friend's world, you can now see your friend switching between mob heads.
  • Protection enchantment fixed to be the same as other versions - it no longer protects against suffocation and cactus damage.
  • Caves are no longer pitch black in VR (VR only).
  • Fixed chunks of other dimensions (e.g. the Nether) generating when you enter a dimension the second time on a server/game with a smaller render distance than you.
  • Play screen now properly shows Realms trial when the trial is still available but you have accepted a friend's Realm invitation.
  • Achievement screen will now populate with a single list of achievements if suspending/resuming your game.
  • If you die and rejoin a game, you are respawned in your last bed (or at the world's spawn point if your bed was destroyed) rather than where you died.
  • Fences rotated to 90° now have correct collision boxes.
  • Fixed a bug where the sneak button wouldn't disappear when "Switch Sneak/Jump" option is enabled.
  • Loading worlds from templates should no longer occasionally fail.
  • Fixed a bug with using spawn eggs on spawners - it now behaves correctly.
  • Cocoa pods now show a cracking animation when breaking them.
  • Various skin bug fixes.
  • Fixed a graphics bug where mob spawners allowed you to see through the world.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when you return through a Nether portal with a mob spawner nearby.
  • Plastic texture pack particles fixed.
  • Fixed the error message for the /give command when invalid values are entered.
  • Dropped items now move to the next empty space when a block is placed on top of them.
  • Silverfish now take damage when on soul sand.
  • Fixed a crash when the game was resumed (Minecraft: Pocket Edition - iOS only).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to join a LAN game.
  • Fixed a crash when a game was stopped with players still logged into it
  • The armor/clothes the skeleton models wear now disappear when they're splashed with a potion of invisibility.
  • An animal on a lead should land safely on the ground now without taking any damage.
  • Clocks again rotate at the same speed as one held in hand when placed in item frames in dimensions other than the Overworld.
  • Villagers now run from zombie pigmen.
  • Mobs no longer jump and turn near obstacles on slabs, carpet, etc.
  • Fixes and updates for City, Fantasy, Natural, and Plastic texture packs.
  • Weather now clears up after using the /toggledownfall command during a thunderstorm.
  • The auto-complete list now show players that are on the same world but just in different dimensions than you.
  • The close button in the chest UI no longer overlaps an item slot when you hover your mouse over it (Windows 10 only).
  • The D-Pad on the controller is now supported in the "Exit Minecraft" prompt.
  • You can now whisper to yourself in text chat in the game (good for making notes for yourself that only you can see!)
  • You can now see the animation of a witch drinking a potion.
  • Fixed crashes when loading terrain.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when moving the visibility distance slider in the Options menu.
  • Importing a world with an Add-on will no longer fail due to duplicate world IDs.
  • Held items are no longer cropped or off-frame when playing in a different aspect ratio; therefore, clocks & compasses will show up correctly again.
  • When an Enderman is being hit, its head color is consistent - the bottom part no longer turns completely red.
  • Clocks continue to work when dropped now.
  • You can no longer enter a vehicle while riding a pig/horse/donkey/mule (that's dangerous!)
  • Cocoa pod stems are now correctly displayed.
  • The game now registers mouse clicks as fast as you can click them!
  • Fixed lag when your world is saving.
  • Animals breed again (instead of just showing hearts with no baby appearing).
  • Chat position is fixed.
  • Throwing rate of snowballs is fixed.
  • The spawn rate of Golden Apples in chests is fixed.
  • Pointing the crosshairs near the top or the bottom of a block while you're in sneak mode no longer highlights the block next to the one you want.
  • Framed maps' green indicators no longer disappear from a held map after you teleport to another dimension.
  • All zombie pigmen within range will now attack you if you attack one of them.
  • The anvil no longer deletes items if the game is quit while the GUI is open.
  • Leaves no longer act as opaque blocks when the Fancy Graphics option is set to off.
  • Leaf blocks held in the hand or dropped on the ground now have transparency if the Fancy Graphics option is set to on.
  • Broken spruce and birch leaves no longer have different colors than they should.
  • You can no longer walk through fences.
  • Compasses placed in item frames now show the correct direction towards spawn.
  • Minecarts with mobs no longer fly upwards after you join a game.
  • Fixed the looped sound for the ignite action.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when hostile mobs die.
  • You can ride on tamed horses that are on leads.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after selecting the Seed Picker.
  • Fixed an issue where you got an "unable to connect to the store" message instead of being able to get skin packs and texture packs (Rift & Gear VR only).
  • Using LB/RB on a controller to select tabs in options now correctly highlights any tab that has behavior or resource packs.
  • Fence gates, daylight sensors, and observers no longer stop redstone wire from transferring the signal any further.
  • Fixed some issues with Realms invites and toast notifications of invites.
  • Villagers no longer run exceptionally fast after being hit.
  • Fixed a crash on the host player's device when one of their connected friends left a LAN game.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when attaching a graphics debugger.
  • Endermen again teleport when a splash potion is thrown at them.
  • Water can now protect obsidian blocks from getting destroyed by the Wither's spawn explosion.
  • The invisibility effect is no longer affected by a player's personal game mode changing.
  • Fixed a crash when there was any input from a controller while the game was launching (Android & Fire only).
  • Gear VR hotbar is no longer stuck at the center of view (Gear VR only).
  • Slime blocks again display when held in your hand (VR only).
  • You can no longer duplicate items with item frames.
  • Global texture packs with custom UI textures now apply on the start screen without having to restart the game.
  • Bottles o' Enchanting & splash potions no longer jitter in the air when thrown.
  • Fixed a bug where if a player went to sleep while it was raining in a Realm, it would continue raining when the player woke up but the rain would be visually gone. This made it appear as though sun was not burning zombies/skeletons, fires went out quickly without explanation, and made cauldrons fill up mysteriously. Now it actually does stop raining!
  • Villages now spawn again naturally with different types of villagers instead of just farmers
  • Redstone comparator interaction with highly powered opaque blocks now works the way it does on other versions.
  • Pressure plates no longer get stuck in a pressed down position.
  • Farmer villagers now harvest fully grown carrots and potatoes.
  • Donkeys/mules/horses now make appropriate reactions to different food items.
  • If you use commands to try to give a player a stack of items greater than the max stack size, you now only get one max stack of the item instead of an error.
  • The appearance of leaves blocks is now consistent no matter what blocks you place next to them.
  • Various bug fixes for the Plastic, Fantasy, City, Cartoon, and Natural texture packs.
  • "Could not connect: outdated server" message now displays when you try to join a pre-0.16 version server instead of the incorrect "Disconnected from Server" message.
  • Mobs now behave properly regardless of block type (no more spinning on blocks made of half-blocks!)
  • Tamed animals now teleport with the player into other dimensions (if they aren't sitting).
  • Villagers no longer get stuck up ladders.
  • Enchanted items have shiny effects again (VR only).
  • Snow layers placed against other non-full blocks no longer delete the adjacent block.
  • Using spawn eggs in Survival mode now results in an egg being used and removed from your inventory.
  • Worlds downloaded from Realms now correctly display the world name.
  • Fixed a crash when you selected a Realm invite message multiple times and then accepted or declined the invitation.
  • "You haven't added anyone to your friend's list!" message in Realms now displays properly (Android Galaxy Tablet only).
  • Head icons are now visible on the hotbar when the inventory is opened.
  • Mobs no longer jump and spin around if they move on to a bed.
  • You can see the point-of-view change when sneaking/crouching in immersive mode (VR only).
  • Chat messages now only show up once!
  • UI performance no longer gets worse the longer you use the UI when deleting items.
  • Sliders now behave properly on Android & iOS devices when using a controller.
  • All file extension types we support on Android now should work on Gear VR (Gear VR only).
  • The hunger bar no longer depletes exceptionally fast when in a Realm.
  • Fixed some lag issues when placing gravity-affected blocks in multiplayer.
  • Tools make breaking noises when they break again (Realms only).
  • Fixed a duplication glitch when hitting something.
  • Game no longer hangs when saving a Realm to a device (Realms only).
  • Blocks held in your hand are no longer larger than they should be.
  • Bows can no longer be pulled back if you're out of arrows.
  • Squid no longer disappear as soon as they reach the surface of water (Realms only).
  • Diamonds can now be found randomly in generated blacksmith chests.
  • Various zombie bug fixes.
  • Various rabbit bug fixes.
  • If you hit a spider in the daytime, nearby spiders won't try to attack you as well.
  • You no longer keep your armor when you die (it drops like everything else).
  • Fixed shulker health.
  • Rain, smoke particles, and shadows are no longer visible when you're inside lava.
  • Chests no longer get stuck looking as though they are open.
  • Mobs again spawn with enchanted items & with the appropriate spawn/drop rate.
  • Undead mobs no longer burn at night when they're close to The Wither
  • World generation from seeds is now totally consistent between PE & Win 10.
  • Fixed signs and mob heads so they are placed facing direction based on the player's direction from a block.
  • Pig saddle sounds can now be heard.
  • You can now hear the summoning sound of the Wither.
  • Experience orbs no longer orbit your head when you pick up many of them at once.
  • Iron golems you create will no longer ever attack you.taking fire damage when it is hit with an arrow while sitting.
  • Resource pack images no longer show up in your device's picture gallery (Android only).
  • Clouds are no longer rendered on top of players who are at or above cloud altitude.
  • Trapped chests no longer look the same as normal chests in your inventory, hotbar, or when dropped in the world.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a player got out of a minecart and then destroyed it.
  • Tamed animals no longer take damage when you take damage from a potion.
  • Endermen no longer have status effects applied from tipped arrows (because they teleported away before they were hit).
  • Enchanted flame & power bows work again & apply the effect/damage to mobs correctly.
  • You can no longer destroy an End portal with water.
  • You can again walk from a slab to a block with carpet on top of it.
  • Arrows fired from dispensers can be retrieved again.
  • Boats and minecarts now make sounds when they are broken (MCPE only).
  • Fixed a crash when a player would spam the Sign in For Free button on the Xbox Live sign-in screen.
  • The first hotbar slot is no longer always highlighted after re-entering a world.
  • When you have a piece of armor in your hand and right click, it equips it if that slot is free.
  • Fixed a crash when accessing settings on Realms (Realms only).
  • Players can now sleep in partially-covered beds without suffocating.
  • Ghast fireballs set blocks on fire again.
  • Endermen again teleport after taking damage.
  • You hear the sound again when you are taking damage from drowning.
  • You can now hear the bubbling sound of fresh, hot lava!
  • Fixed a bug where items wouldn't get placed correctly into item frames.
  • Fixed the textures for the furnace, dispenser, and dropper when dropped in the world, in your hand, or in an item frame.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when hostile mobs died
  • The Wither is now healed by Arrows of Harming.
  • TTS now reads output from say, tell, and whisper commands.
  • Cave spiders now apply the poison effect when they attack you.
  • The /toggledownfall command now toggles off rain on Realms (Realms only).
  • You can no longer join a game that has multiplayer disabled by manually adding the IP address.
  • You can again connect to a Xbox Live account on Fire TV (Fire TV only).
  • Cursor keys now work on Android (Android only).
  • Fixed item transfer so it automatically moves the stack of items (MCPE only).
  • Brewing stands will now stop looking like they're still brewing even when they are not.
  • When using the MCPE UI on Win 10, scrolling no longer changes the hot bar selection (Win 10 only).
  • Fixed lag when riding an animal/minecart.
  • Hovering over the chat with touch controls while controlling the camera no longer stops the camera from turning.
  • Destroying an ice block no longer also destroys the block underneath it.
  • Fixed biome graphics issues when loading older worlds.
  • Pumpkin & melon seed textures now render correctly.
  • Fixed lighting for water.
  • Health bars for bosses now update and appear properly.

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Références[modifier | modifier le wikicode]